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Why the electric heating reactor should be decontaminated

Electrically heated reactor is one kind of glass lined reactor. Electrically heated reactor is to use electric heating rod to heat the heat-conducting oil inside the jacket, so that the temperature of the heat-conducting oil rises to the required temperature, and then there is a temperature measuring and controlling instrument to control the electric heating rod to make the electric heating kettle with constant temperature.
In Electrically heated reactor may appear impurities after a period of time, then we need to remove impurities. There will be friends who feel the trouble to say: we must remove impurities? What will happen if we don’t remove impurities.
Removing the impurities inside the reactor can prolong the service life of the reactor and also ensure the efficiency of the reactor. If we don’t clean it for a long time, with the increase of using time, a large amount of impurities will be accumulated inside the reactor, which will affect the quality of the reaction and the service life of the equipment. So the reaction kettle needs to be cleaned regularly.

In the discharge process, most of the residue must be injected into the exhaust valve this is the Electrically heated reactor ethanol has not reacted with the main reactor wall free ethanol. Inside the process, after this process, it is very necessary to remove these own impurities, this is all in order to be able to better use the Electrically heated reactor, to extend the service life of the Electrically heated reactor.
Only by being careful in the use of the process, can a piece of equipment be used for as long as possible. This can also greatly save your costs. We hope that the Electrically heated reactor can get your attention in the process of use.

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