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Why enamel reactor is the ideal experimental equipment

Enameled reactor is an ideal experimental equipment

It is said that the enameled reactor is the ideal experimental equipment, so what exactly is the enameled equipment which affects it to become the ideal equipment? Today let us to understand.

Enameled reaction kettle, in the setting of the constant temperature conditions, in the closed enameled reaction kettle, enameled reaction kettle can be used according to the requirements of the atmospheric pressure or negative pressure conditions, stirring reaction, and can do the reaction solution reflux and distillation, is the modern light industry chemical plant, biopharmaceutical plants and new materials synthesis of the ideal test and production equipment.

 The inner container of double-layer enameled reactor can put the reaction materials, and also can vacuum and stir at the same time, and can introduce refrigerating liquid, water and high-temperature liquid to warm up and cool down the materials in the mezzanine. It can be used in the synthesis experiment, pilot test and production of chemistry, fine chemical industry, biopharmaceuticals and new materials. The products can be combined with circulating water multi-purpose vacuum pump, diaphragm vacuum pump, low-temperature circulating (vacuum) pump, circulating cooler, thermostatic circulator, low-temperature coolant circulator pump, closed refrigeration and heating circulating device and other components of the system device.

    Enamel reactor has the performance: for various concentrations of inorganic acids, organic acids, organic solvents and weak bases and other media have strong corrosion resistance. Some strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid and fluoride ion-containing media, as well as the temperature is greater than 180 ℃ enamel reactor, the concentration is greater than 30% of the phosphoric acid is not applicable. Mechanical impact resistance index is 220-10-3J, avoid hard impact when using. Porcelain surface after 20KV high-voltage test strict inspection. Resistant to rapid change of temperature, cold shock 110 ℃, thermal shock 120 ℃.

The above is about the excellent characteristics of enamel reactor, so enamel equipment is known as the ideal experimental equipment.

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