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Welding process of glass lined reactor equipment

Welding in a glass lined reactor equipment is also one of the more important steps.

Operation process

  1. Cleaning: Clean the groove and surrounding area of the enamel reactor to remove impurities such as oil, rust, and moisture.
  2. Assembly positioning welding: The welding rod is E347-16, the diameter of the welding wire is 3.2mm, the spot welds are symmetrically and evenly distributed, the length of the spot welding is 30mm, the interlayer slag must be polished clean, and the interlayer joints should be staggered by 30mm.
  3. Welding: Strictly follow the welding process parameters of the glass lined reactor equipment, carry out according to the parameter requirements, air gouge the back 2mm and polish it clean, and then clean the inside and outside after welding.
  4. Clean the slag and grind the weld seam. After self inspection by the welder, stamp the welder’s steel seal number.
  5. The inspector conducts visual inspection of the weld seam. The welder shall pass the self inspection, stamp (write) the welder’s steel seal on the specified area, and submit it to the inspector for inspection of the appearance quality of the weld. After passing the inspection, a ≥ 20% RT test shall be conducted according to the drawing requirements.
    Measures to avoid welding stress During the manufacturing process of glass lined reactor equipment, measures are mainly formulated from two aspects: design scheme and construction process to reduce or avoid stress deformation.

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