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Troubleshooting of common faults in PTFE lined reactor

Today, let’s take you to understand some of the faults in the lining of the PTFE lined reactor, understand its causes and treatment methods.

  1. Damage to the shell of the PTFE lined reactor (corrosion, cracks, through-holes)
    The causes of such problems are generally due to medium corrosion, thermal stress, cracking, wear thinning, or uniform corrosion. For solving such problems, the following three methods can generally be chosen: ① shells lined with corrosion-resistant materials need to be re lined or locally welded. ② According to the operation method, emergency pressure relief should be taken, and materials should be fed in a fixed quantity and at a fixed time according to regulations to strictly prevent misoperation Increase heat transfer area or remove scale, improve heat transfer effect, repair agitator, and improve mixing efficiency. ④ Close the main air valve, cut off the gas, and repair the valve.
  2. There is abnormal noise inside of the PTFE lined reactor
    There are three reasons for this: ① The agitator rubs against the accessories inside the kettle or scrapes the wall. ② The mixer is loose. ③ The lining is bulging and collides with the mixer. ④ The mixer is bent or the bearings are damaged. The solution is divided into: ① Stop the machine for maintenance and alignment, so that there is a certain distance between the mixer and the accessories. ② Stop the machine for inspection and tighten the bolts. ③ Repair the drum bag or replace the lining. ④ Repair or replace the shaft and bearings.

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