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Three Methods to Improve the Heat Transfer Efficiency of Glass lined Reactor

If the heat transfer efficiency of the glass lined reactor is no longer as good as when it was new equipment, do we have a solution to repair it? Of course, there are ways. Generally speaking, there are three ways to improve the heat transfer efficiency of glass lined reactors. Now let’s talk in detail.

Firstly, using a scraper with colored bands and anchoring the impeller in stagnant liquid will double the power. Meanwhile, the heat transfer coefficient is simply doubled. Therefore, a scraper is used in viscous materials. Improving heat transfer is practical.

Secondly, increase the heat transfer area per unit volume to increase the heat load. Compared to the jacket, the former can be placed in the kettle, but the cleaning of the equipment and coils is not convenient, and installation is necessary.

Finally, in order to meet the corrosiveness of various solutions, enamel reaction vessels are sometimes made into various linings, such as lead lining, ceramic tile lining, and even vessels made of steel or cast iron.

I hope these three methods can be helpful when you need to improve the heat transfer efficiency of the glass lined reactor. If you still want to learn more about enamel equipment, stainless steel equipment, and tetrafluoroethylene equipment, you can leave a comment or click to view previous articles.

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