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How to choose enamel reactor agitator

Shandong Tanglian always adhere to the “quality-oriented”, with high quality products and perfect after-sales service to win the trust of customers and a high degree of praise, the product sells well at home and abroad. The following is an introduction to the selection of enamel reactor agitator:

The operation of enameled reactor has a very close relationship with its stirrer, whether the stirrer selection is appropriate will directly affect the internal material mixing reaction condition, thus indirectly affecting the efficiency of the equipment. Then choose a suitable agitator is very important, next we come to understand the purchase of agitator related matters.

  1, according to the choice of sealing form:

  ① sealing form is different, the agitator head form is different, double machine sealing head than single machine sealing head price is more expensive.

  ② kettle pressure is more than 4 kg and less than 10 kg, then must choose double machine seal.

   ③ If the pressure inside the kettle is less than 4kg, you can choose packing seal or single machine seal.

  2, enamel reactor stirrer selection also to determine the thickness of the stirring tube and enamel layer parameters.

  3, if you need to mix the material up and down fully, then you can choose a combination of stirrer, generally leaf, paddle two-layer type, there are leaf, paddle three-layer type, depending on the specific circumstances of the choice.

  4、If the concentration and viscosity of the material is unusually large, you should consider choosing the propulsion type enamel reactor stirrer.

  ① The powerful motor can carry out stable mixing of high viscosity and high concentration of liquid in a large speed, and the folded impeller can carry out a good mixing effect on the liquid.

   ② This kind of glass-lined stirrer has high cost and is easy to be damaged due to the concentration and viscosity of the material, and it is only considered to be used under the working condition of the material’s extraordinarily large concentration and viscosity.

  5, according to the concentration and viscosity of the material, to determine the required mixing speed speed, if the concentration and viscosity of the material should determine the slow speed.

  ① If the concentration and viscosity of the material is not large, then you can choose the leaf, paddle mixer, speed 130 rpm.

  ② The concentration and viscosity of the material is large, then only choose the frame type agitator, control speed between 65-85 rpm.

  ③ Then it is required to match with 6 and other low-speed motors, and configure frame or anchor stirrer, control speed of about 40 rpm, which is conducive to the protection of the motor, reducer and stirrer.

  Enamel reactor stirrer is an important part of the equipment, plays a role in accelerating the reaction of the material, so we must pay attention when choosing the stirrer in the market, so that the machinery to meet the standards it should meet.

  So in the enamel reactor to buy agitator, you can refer to these contents, to buy the right agitator. At the same time, after purchasing a good stirrer, it must be installed correctly to avoid wrong installation and affect the normal use of the stirrer.

Need to know more about the content of enamel reactor、agitator, please continue to pay attention to us.

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