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Standard requirements for making stainless steel reaction kettle

Stainless steel reaction kettle is widely used in industries such as chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, laboratory, food and so on. It has good corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good sealing and other properties. So what kind of standard requirements need to be met when making Stainless steel reaction kettle. Today, let me take you to understand, with the Stainless steel reaction kettle standard content, see if there is any content you do not know.

1, safe and reliable standard

First of all, in order to ensure that the stainless steel reactor can operate well, there must be enough strength, toughness, rigidity, good sealing performance and corrosion resistance. Used in different processes on the reactor can choose the appropriate material manufacturing. In addition to the choice of materials, fittings and parts connection will also affect its safety. Fittings connection can choose to weld or quick-fit and so on, a reasonable choice of fittings and connection is to ensure the safe operation of the effective measures, the safe use of sealing and corrosion must be considered.

2、Easy to operate and maintenance requirements

After considering the safety, operation and maintenance is also a part of the reactor operation, simple operation, easy maintenance and control can reduce the input of manpower to the production, bring better efficiency.

3、Reasonable economic requirements

After meeting the safety and operability, economic rationality is also very important, from the design and use of stainless steel reaction kettle to try to improve productivity and reduce consumption. The design can consider different structural components, make full use of material properties, reduce processing, reduce manufacturing costs.

I hope that through the above content can let you understand the requirements of stainless steel reactor standard, can help you to a certain extent.

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