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How to prevent scaling in spiral plate heat exchangers

There are two main ways to prevent fouling in spiral plate heat exchangers
1、 Medication softening treatment
Medication softening treatment has the characteristics of simple method, high efficiency, good economy, and no need for specialized water production equipment. It is a practical anti scaling water treatment method. According to the different methods of dosing, there are two types of treatment: correction agent treatment and anti scaling treatment.
2、 Magnetization anti scaling treatment
The principle of magnetization anti scaling treatment is to utilize the properties of water molecules, that is, water molecules are covalent. Single molecules of water polymerize into bimolecular or multi-molecular complexes through the action of properties and hydrogen bonds. When water flows through a high intensity magnetic field, the intermolecular and ionic magnetic fields in the water break down the previously dispersed multi ion complexes into single or short bond complexes, which cut the magnetic field lines of the external magnetic field vertically at a certain speed to generate induced currents. Therefore, each ion establishes a new magnetic field in the same direction as the external magnetic field, and adjacent banded ion molecules orderly compress and attract each other, leading to changes in crystallization conditions. The resulting crystal relaxes, has poor compressive and tensile abilities, and is brittle. Its adhesion and adhesion are also weak, making it difficult for them to adhere to the heating surface and form scale.

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