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Strong corrosion resistance High temperature resistance Glass lined storage tank

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Latest Glass Lined Storage Tanks price – TangLian Chemistry

Glass Lined Storage Tankis the abbreviation for glass lined reaction tank, glass lined storage tank, and glass lined distillation tank, also known as glass lined kettle or glass lined pot. Latest Glass Lined Storage Tanks price is a composite material product made by lining glass containing high silicon dioxide on the inner surface of a steel container, and firmly adhering to the metal surface after high-temperature burning. Therefore, it has the dual advantages of glass stability and metal strength, making it an excellent corrosion resistant equipment.

glass lined reactor PROCESS

Glass Lined Storage Tank has been widely used in industries such as chemical, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and food. In order to ensure the normal use of the glass lined equipment, the main performance, installation, and usage precautions are explained as follows:

Technical specifications for glass lined cans:

1. Operating pressure: 0.2-0.4MPa
2. Acid resistance:
It has good corrosion resistance to various organic acids, inorganic acids, and organic solvents. If the glass lining sample produced by our factory is boiled in a 20% HCI solution for 48 hours, the corrosion rate is 0.91g/(m2 · d) (the first-class product index is 1.0g/m2 · d).
3. Alkali resistance:
Glass lining has poor corrosion resistance to alkaline solutions compared to acid solutions. But the glass lined sample from our factory was subjected to corrosion in a 1N sodium hydroxide solution at a test temperature of 80 ℃ for 48 hours. The corrosion rate is 6.76g/(m2 · d) (with an excellent product index of 7.0g/(m2 · d)).
4. Operating temperature: Heating and cooling of glass lined equipment should be carried out slowly. The glass lined equipment manufactured by our factory has a service temperature of 0-200 ℃ and a temperature resistance to sudden changes of ≥ 200 ℃.
5. Ceramic layer thickness: The ceramic layer thickness of glass equipment is 0.8-2.0mm, and the ceramic layer thickness of glass lined equipment accessories is 0.6-1.8mm.
6. Withstand voltage: The glass lining has good insulation. When the ceramic layer is inspected with a 20KV high-frequency electric spark within the specified thickness, the high-frequency electric spark cannot penetrate the ceramic layer.
7. Impact resistance: The smaller the internal stress of the glass layer, the better its elasticity, hardness, and bending compressive strength, the better its impact resistance. When the glass layer of our factory is impacted with a steel ball with a diameter of 30mm and a weight of 112g within the specified thickness, the impact energy is 282 × 10-3J (excellent product index is 260 × 10-3J)。

Technical Parameters

Carbon Steel with Glass Linning
Atmospheric pressure
-19 / 200
glass lined reactor advantage

Features and advantages

25 years of production experience, 30000㎡ factory scale, 100 million annual output value, 6000+ cooperative customers, 37+ countries covered.

glass lined reactor application

Has excellent corrosion resistance without affecting the purity, flavor, or color of stored substances
Chemical tanks for sale technology Applicable media: Various concentrations of inorganic acids, organic acids, organic solvents, and weakly alkaline solvents

glass lined reactor manufactor

Company Profile

Shandong Tanglian Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. is located in Zibo, an important modern industrial city in China. It is a well-known chemical and pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer in northern China. Shandong Tanglian Heavy Industry Group originated from Shandong Tanglian Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd., which was established in 1998 in Zibo City, the famous hometown of glass lining in China.

At present, the group branches Shandong Tanglian Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd., Binzhou Tanglian Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd., Shandong Tanglian Metal Products Co., Ltd., Shandong Tanglian Engineering Design Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries. Shandong Tanglian Group now develops into a complete industrial chain integrating upstream chemical engineering design, equipment manufacturing and downstream installation and maintenance. The company has more than 20 years of experience in the production and design of various equipment such as chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Through continuous technology accumulation, it has developed related process packages and provided process design and equipment manufacturing services for thousands of domestic and foreign companies. The industry-related technologies have distinctive features,the advantages are obvious.

The group starts from the advantages with the basic principle of perfecting the global market service, plays an important role.

Shandong Tanglian Heavy Industrial Group , one of the longest established factories for Chemical reactors / Chemical vessels in China  .
We have ISO , SGS , CE ,EU Welder Approval Test Certificate for our company , products and workers . 
We mainly focus on below products 
Chemical reactor ,  Storage / Receiving / Buffer tank
Column / Tower section , Pipe line
Heat exchanger  / condenser , Evaporator 
Main material of our equipment :
Glass Lining ,     PTFE,ETFE,PFA Lining
Stainless Steel , Carbon Steel , Hastelloy  , DP Steel

glass lined reactor qualifications
glass lined reactor qualifications
glass lined reactor


Question: Are you a real factory?
Reply: Yeah. we are a real factory of glass lined enquipment and stainless steel equipment. And our factory have over 20 years history. Welcome anytime.
Question: What is the daily output of your equipment?
Reply: 1500sets per year.Question: How about your quality warranty?
Reply: We have strict inspection for the equipment before loading, and have one year quality warranty if the customers use the goods under the correct operation.Question: How about the MOQ? How about delivery time?
01 MOQ: 1set
02 Delivery time in accordance with the production time,30-60 days to the port of departure.


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