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Enameled reactor equipment operating procedures and precautions


Shandong Tanglian always adhere to the “quality-oriented”, with high-quality product quality and perfect after-sales service to win the trust of customers and a high degree of praise, the product sells well at home and abroad. The following is an introduction to the enamel reactor equipment operating procedures and precautions:

(1) Operation process

Operate the equipment according to the following flow:

  1. Pour the reaction materials into the reactor;
  2. Pour in the appropriate amount of solvent, control the amount of solvent and the capacity ratio of the reactor equipment;
  3. Start the stirrer and control the stirrer speed;
  4. Turn on the heater and control the temperature of the heater;
  5. Observe the changes of the reaction process and record the state of the reaction materials;
  6. Turn off the heater and stop the stirrer;
  7. Remove the reaction material from the reactor.

(2) Precautions

  1. Check whether the water level of the temperature pool is normal before operation, and make sure the temperature detection of the automatic control instrument is accurate;
  2. When pouring reaction materials and solvents, the liquid should be poured slowly to avoid splashing;
  3. Pay attention to the safety of the operation process to avoid injury accidents;
  4. When shutting down the heater and stopping the stirrer, wait for the equipment to cool down completely before cleaning.

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