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Precautions for using glass lined reactor

① Strictly prevent metal hard objects from falling into the glass lined reaction kettle during feeding, and prevent equipment vibration during operation. Follow relevant maintenance and repair procedures during maintenance.
② Try to avoid heating materials in cold tanks and adding cold materials in hot tanks, and strictly prevent sudden temperature changes. The temperature change that glass lining should adapt to should be less than 120 ℃.
③ Try to avoid alternating use in acidic and alkaline media, otherwise it may cause the surface of the glass lining to lose luster and corrode.
④ Strictly prevent acid from entering the jacket (if acid must be used to clean the jacket, pH<2 acid should not be used). Acid entering the jacket will produce a hydrogen effect, causing large areas of detachment on the surface of the glass lined reactor. Generally, the jacket can be cleaned with Sodium hypochlorite solution and finally with water.
⑤ When the bottom of the discharge lined glass reaction vessel is blocked, non-metallic materials can be gently unblocked, and it is prohibited to use metal tools to shovel. The reactants adhering to the inner surface of the tank should be removed in a timely manner, and metal tools should not be used to prevent damage to the glass lining.

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