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Precautions for the installation of PTFE lined pipeline

Because of the superior performance of PTFE lined piping, PTFE lined piping is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. So when using PTFE lined pipeline, how to install it correctly? Generally, you need to pay attention to the following four points during installation:

1, PTFE lined pipeline in the project requires civil excavation, the general situation is the use of machinery and artificial joint excavation, which can improve the efficiency of the work, the construction safety will also be improved accordingly, but it should be noted that, in the soil is relatively soft and the pipeline is buried deeper, digging to the pipeline above the bottom of the ditch, manual cleanup, PTFE has two or more people, and the work of the personnel’s station can not stand on the one side, the construction of both sides of the earth along the edge is strictly prohibited to stand people.

2. It is necessary to clear the PTFE lined pipeline during installation. In the pipe cleaning process, it is easy to appear is the outer layer of plastic-coated anti-corrosion steel pipe layer is peeled off, and the surface of the pipeline has a thin and sticky layer of asphalt, with a diesel rag to be cleared part of the diesel fuel soaked, to 2-3 hours later, with a small spatula can be removed more easily. If more sand in the place can be used rag dipped in fine sand to clear the pipe. In this way, that saves the rag and saves the oil, at the same time, will also clean the pipe, through the above methods, clearing the pipe program is fast and save raw materials.

3. Apply primer and winding, when the wind is relatively small, use the primer and drying time and winding time difference to work. In addition, the winding personnel should be properly trained, and the winding machine should be regularly maintained and serviced.

4. It is also necessary to carry out EDM test on PTFE lined pipeline. In the process of EDM testing, focus on the connection between the completed section of the pipe and the new winding section. Because the part has been partially backfilled after completion, its neighboring section of excavation, excavators will inadvertently cause damage to the exposed part of the pipe trench when cleaning. It is recommended to focus on the junction between the completed section and the newly wound section of the pipeline during the EDM test to reduce the rework rate.

These are the four installation considerations about PTFE lined pipelines.

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