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The characteristics of glass lined reactor

Glass lined reactor is applicated on the chemical , petroleum , medicine ,pesticide, and other industries.

Why glass lined reactor can be used in these industries?

Because it has resistance to acid, alkali, corrosion,high temperature ,high pressure and other characteristics.Below are the details of the various features.

1、Acid resistance

It’s has good corrosion resistance to various organic acids,inorganic acids and organic solvents(However,it is not suitable for hydrofluoric acid and fluoride-containing medium, hot phosphoric acid above 180℃ and strong alkali solution above 50℃).

2、alkali resistance

The corrosion resistance of glass lined reactor to alkaline solution is worse than that of acid solution.

3、high temperature resistance

The general operating temperature of the equipment is in the range of 0~200℃,but if   the temperature Change must be carried out slowly.

4、pressure resistance

When a reactor reacts,it often produces or consumes gas.

5、Withstand voltage

The glass lined has good insulation.When the glass lined is inspected with 20KV high frequency edm within the specified thickness, the high frequency edm cannot break through the porcelain layer.

6、Impact resistance

The lower the internal stress of the glass layer,the better the elasticity,the greater the hardness, the higher the bending and compressive strength,the better the impact resistance.

7、No sticky

The glass surface of the equipment is smooth, less dead angle, not easy to adhere to materials.easy to clean,some production processes are very necessary.


The inner surface of the enamel equipment is coated with a layer of   glass so that the medium does not come into direct contact with the   steel containing iron.

9、Fresh-keeping properties

The structure of glass is stable, impermeable and insoluble. It has good fresh-keeping properties for liquid food, brewing products and beverage products,and can keep its real fragrance for a long time.

Glass lined reactor is widely used in kinds of industries because   of these characteristics.

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