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High Pressure Reactor

Hydrogenation Reactor

Introduction:  The hydrogenation reactor consists of a special set of components to meet the designed mass transfer requirements and shear effects, achieving gas circulation and turbulence. Working Principle:  ①The general structure of the hydrogenation reaction kettle is that the lower part of the kettle body is equipped with a gas distributor, and the hydrogen is …

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Laboratory Reactor 

Introduction: Laboratory reactors are commonly used reaction instruments in chemical and chemical experiments, mainly including hydrothermal reactors, non-stirring reactors, and magnetic reactors. The pressure resistance is generally 10Mpa, and the temperature is generally 300 degrees. Design drawing and related parameters are as follows: Nozzle Connection standard Application a Inner Screw Solid feed hole b / Safety …

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Large Scale High Pressure Reactor

Introduction: High-pressure reactor (magnetic high-pressure reactor) is a typical innovation of magnetic transmission device applied to reaction equipment. It is the most ideal device for chemical reactions under high temperature and high pressure in China, especially for chemical reactions of flammable, explosive and toxic media. , showing its superiority even more. Features: ①The high-pressure reactor mainly …

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