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Stainless Steel Reactor  


The stainless steel reactor produced by our company (electricity, steam, heat transfer oil heating) is designed, manufactured and accepted according to the technical conditions and requirements of GB150《Pressure Vessel》.


①The materials and parts in the reactor in contact with the reaction mediums are made of OCr18Ni9 (304), 022Cr17Ni12Mo2 (316), 1Cr18Ni9Ti (321) stainless steel corrosion-resistant steel plates. 

②Because of different production processes and operating conditions, there have three heating and cooling type: outer half coil, jacket, and inner coil. The jacket heating types are divided into electric heating rod heating, steam heating, and thermal oil circulating heating.

③Various non-standard capacity and type can be designed and customized as per customer requests. 

Design drawing and related parameters are as follows:

NozzleConnection standardApplication
bHG/T20592-2009Agitator hole
cHG/T20592-2009Temperature hole
dHG/T20592-2009Discharge hole
eHG/T20592-2009Reserve hole
fHG/T20592-2009Pressure gauge
S1-2/Sight glass hole
H1-4HG/T20592-2009Jacket inlet and outlet hole
K1-2HG/T20592-2009Reserve hole
mInner screw, G1/2”Jacket vent hole

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