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Electric Heating Glass Lined Reactor 

Introduction: The electric heating glass-lined reactor is based on the high-quality electric heater (commonly known as: heating rod) evenly distributed at the bottom of the jacket of the glass-lined reactor to heat the thermal oil in the jacket and transfer heat through the oil bath. The mediums in the reactor reaches the temperature required by the process.


①The electric heating glass-lined reactor has the advantages of fast heating speed, good high temperature corrosion resistance, good hygienic performance and no environmental pollution.

②Equipped with a fully automatic heating control cabinet, which can realize single or multiple groups of electric heaters to work at the same time, with temperature display, motor control, leakage protection and other devices, fully realize the automatic control of electric heating.

④Various non-standard capacity can be designed and customized as per customer requests.

Design drawing and related parameters are as follows:

Note: The calculation capacity is under the high neck flange

Note: The calculation capacity is under the high neck flange

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