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Laboratory Reactor 

Introduction: Laboratory reactors are commonly used reaction instruments in chemical and chemical experiments, mainly including hydrothermal reactors, non-stirring reactors, and magnetic reactors. The pressure resistance is generally 10Mpa, and the temperature is generally 300 degrees.

Design drawing and related parameters are as follows:

NozzleConnection standardApplication
aInner ScrewSolid feed hole
b/Safety valve/Pressure gauge
cInner ScrewCondenser hole
dInner ScrewAir inlet hole
eInner ScrewLower discharge hole
f/Temperature hole of reactor
gInner ScrewVent hole
h/Temperature hole of jacket
K1-4Inner ScrewElectric heating hole
m/Temperature hole of distillation colume
nInner ScrewOil level hole
sInner ScrewSewage outlet hole

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