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K Type Glass Lined Reactor

Introduction: The lid and the body of the K type glass-lined reactor can be separated, and a sealing gasket is placed between the lid and the body and fixed by clamps.


①The size of K10L/K50L/K100L/K200L/K300L/K500L are generally suitable for small-scale chemical and pharmaceutical experiments. The size of K1000L/K1500L/K2000L/K3000L/K4000L/K5000L/K6300L are mainly used in medium-scale chemical and pharmaceutical production. 

②K-type glass-lined reactor is a detachable lid combined reactor. The lid is fixed on the can body with clips and sealed by gaskets. Since the lid can be separated from the tank body, this type of glass-lined reactor has a variety of agitator types to meet the different process needs of users.

③After rust removal on the surface of the glass-lined reactor, environmental protection water-based paint is sprayed to make the product more beautiful and environmentally friendly.

④Various non-standard capacity can be designed and customized as per customer requests. 

Design drawing and related parameters are as follows:

Note: 1.The calculation capacity is under the high neck flange

Support types could be determined by users, if no special request, support lugs will be applied.

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