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Material performance of stainless steel coil reactor equipment

Materials are the material foundation that constitutes chemical machinery and equipment. The materials used in stainless steel coil reactor mainly include metal materials, non-metallic materials, and composite materials, with metal materials being the most widely used.The performance of metal materials includes usage performance and process performance. Usability refers to the performance of a material during use, mainly including mechanical, physical, and chemical properties; Process performance refers to the adaptability of materials to various processing methods (such as casting, forging, welding, cutting, etc.) during the processing process. Compared to different processing methods, this adaptability is called casting, forging, welding, and cutting, etc. It is a prerequisite to ensure the strength, stiffness, and safety of stainless steel coil reactor.

During the use of stainless steel coil reactor, factors such as mechanical turbulence and sudden temperature changes often lead to porcelain detachment, cracks, bubbles, pores, and other damage to the surface glaze. These defects are absolutely unacceptable in enamel equipment. Once such a phenomenon occurs, it is necessary to repair it. The on-site repair agent for selecting polymer composite materials is a combination of polymer, alloy steel powder, or wear-resistant ceramic powder as the base material and a two-component composite material containing curing agent.
Compared with ordinary resin based repair agents, polymer composite materials rely on their finer polymer structure, resulting in greater viscosity and excellent corrosion resistance. Polymers can even penetrate into metals, forming a tighter protective layer of polymer composite materials. Skill correction process: external cleaning and rust removal → anhydrous alcohol cleaning → application of bottom layer repair agent → application of surface layer repair agent → solidification → application.

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