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Maintenance process of stainless steel tower equipment

Maintenance process of stainless steel tower equipment

(1) Inspection of stainless steel tower equipment during operation

To ensure the safe and stable operation of tower equipment, it is necessary to conduct daily inspections and record the inspection results as historical data for regular shutdown inspections and maintenance.

The daily inspection items are as follows:

① The flow rate, temperature, and purity of raw materials, finished products, and reflux, as well as the flow rate, temperature, and pressure of utility fluids such as steam, cooling water, compressed air, etc.

② The pressure at the bottom and top of the tower, as well as the pressure drop of the tower.

③ If the temperature at the bottom of the stainless steel tower equipment is lower than normal, timely drain and thoroughly drain it.

④ Whether the safety devices, pressure gauges, thermometers, liquid level gauges, and other instruments are normal, and whether their actions are sensitive and reliable.

⑤ Whether the insulation and cold insulation materials are complete and repaired in a timely manner according to the specific situation.

(2) Parking inspection

Under normal circumstances, tower equipment is regularly shut down for maintenance 1-2 times a year. The equipment is opened and major damage to its internal components and casing is inspected and repaired. The main items for parking inspection are as follows.

① Check the levelness of the tower tray, corrosion and looseness of the supporting and connecting parts, and if necessary, remove the outside of the tower for cleaning or replacement.

② Inspect the corrosion, deformation, and welding seams of the tower body, and perform ultrasonic testing on the tower wall, head, feed inlet cylinder, inlet and outlet connecting pipes, etc. to determine the service life of the equipment.

③ Thoroughly inspect the safety valve, pressure gauge, and liquid level gauge for any blockage, whether they are operating under the specified pressure, and make necessary adjustments and verifications.

④ If abnormal vibration is found during the operation of stainless steel tower equipment, it is necessary to identify the cause and handle it properly during shutdown inspection.

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