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Maintenance method of enamelled reactor

Enamelled reactor can be applied to a variety of materials for the reaction, and in the use of the amount of time with good acid resistance, but in the actual use of the process may also be due to the operation and other issues leading to the emergence of the enamel surface off, we will look at the specific maintenance of the equipment.
  1. The first thing that needs to be done is the surface treatment of the work which is also very critical when we repair a step in the operation must first need to repair parts of the impurities such as clean. Ensure that the position of the surface repair is no iron filings and glass, etc., be sure to reveal the original colour of the metal to the surface to do a good job of roughening the work, in principle, is “the rougher the better”.
  2.that eh down need to use cleaning agents such as acetone or alcohol, etc. will need to repair the surface wipe clean. General cleaning area is to be more than the repair of the surface to play out some of the only way to avoid the clean surface of the enamelled reactor to be contaminated again.
  3. The next step is the need for the glass enamel repair agent to mix a good mastic, and then need to be repaired according to the size of the location of the deployment of the appropriate amount of glue.
  4. in the application of glue, first of all need to be a small amount of repair agent evenly coated in the position of the equipment needs to be repaired, and so on in the application of glue is also the need to keep a direction as far as possible to move, and need to be in the top of the pressure to ensure that it is hanging real, in the hanging of real time need to as far as possible will be the bubble in the air precipitation, so as to ensure that the repair agent and the surface of the equipment is in a tightly adhering to the state. state.
  The above is the specific maintenance method of enamelled reactor, we must operate in accordance with the correct method to operate, and in the process of maintenance are required to always observe the situation of the equipment to be adjusted.

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