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Is the glass-lined reactor used directly?

Glass lined reactor in the formal use of the time is certainly not directly used, we have to use before the drive before the preparation. So what are the specific preparations for this? There are the following 5 points:

1. Before installing a glass-lined reactor,Determine the driving personnel, driving personnel for safety training, glass lined products, training, production procedures, printing equipment operation records; prepare the necessary driving things, such as wrenches, pipe wrenches.

2. check the speed reducer (according to the instruction manual rule lubricant type injection rule oil quantity), seat bearing, kettle seal oil box lubricant quantity; check each part of the cooling water system, to comply with the operation requirements; check the kettle card, manhole, test mirror, safety valve, pressure gauge, the process pipe connection is installed in place, the safety valve, the pressure gauge whether the validity of the period.

3. After checking whether the transmission part is intact, start the circulating oil pump and check whether the oil pump rolls clockwise; start the motor and check whether the stirring shaft rotates in clockwise direction to stop the reversal.

4. When using for the first time, under the state of room temperature, the kettle will run on trial with water instead of material: inject clean tap water through the process pipeline and reach the level height or quantity required by the process, send power to start the stirrer running, and at the same time, pressurize the kettle to reach the pressure required by the process, and check whether the kettle inlet and outlet valves are leaky, if there is any leakage, make a good sign, and then adjust it to be sealing and pass the test after the pressure is removed. Relevant dynamic and static sealing point whether there is leakage, and with direct venting valve pressure relief, to see whether the pressure can be quickly drained.

5. Recognize whether the corresponding valve is in the controlled position according to the opening and stopping valve recognition table.Then the glass-lined reactor can be installed

I hope that the above content can help you with glass lined reactor, if you still need to understand the stainless steel equipment, welcome to view the contents of previous issues!

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