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Introduction to Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers

Stainless steel heat exchanger is the main heat exchange equipment in the chemical production process. In petroleum and chemical production, there is usually heat exchange for processes such as fluid heating or cooling, liquid vaporization or vapor condensation, and therefore heat exchangers are required. There are many types of heat exchangers and their structural forms are also different,
But they should usually try to meet the following requirements as much as possible: the requirements specified by the process conditions; Having high heat transfer efficiency, the materials used in the heat exchanger have good heat transfer performance, sufficient heat transfer area, and low fluid resistance; Having sufficient mechanical strength and stiffness, reliable overall structure, and material saving; In addition, it should also be easy to manufacture, install, and maintain.
At present, there are two main types of heat exchangers, one is plate heat exchangers, and the other is tube type actuators. This section mainly introduces the most representative tubular heat exchanger.

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