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Installation and debugging steps of electric heating glass lined reactor

1.The electric heating glass lined reactor should be installed on a sturdy and flat workbench, and the height of the workbench should be determined based on usage. There must be a certain space left around the equipment and workbench for installation and later maintenance.

2.When installing the electric heating glass lined reactor, it is required that the transmission shaft is perpendicular to the ground level, and the inclination should not be greater than the total height of the equipment.

3.The equipment itself must be equipped with its own components and safety valves on each process connection according to the requirements of the reactor.

    electric heating glass lined reactor

    4.After the installation of the electric heating system for the reaction kettle, it is necessary to check the firmness and reliability of all connecting components and transmission parts. The airtightness test should be conducted on all connecting pipes, nozzles, seals, and the entire machine to ensure that there are no bubbles, bubbles, droplets, or leaks.

    5.Before starting the electric heated glass lined reactor, the reducer should be injected with mechanical oil. Open the motor protective cover and manually rotate the fan blades to check for any jamming and scraping of the mixing paddle. Only after cleaning the dirt inside the kettle can the kettle be started. Only when the vehicle runs empty for 30 minutes without significant noise or vibration can it be officially put into production.

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