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How to deal with the opening of stainless steel storage tanks

Stainless steel storage tanks at the beginning of the design requires designers to consider the tank how to open holes, after all, in the normal operation of stainless steel storage tanks, testing, maintenance, shells and heads generally have to open holes. And for the import and export of materials; measurement of pressure, temperature, the connection hole for the installation of safety devices; liquid level meter holes, manholes, hand holes, etc.. All belong to the stainless steel gas storage tanks on the open hole operation.

Then for the stainless steel open hole completed later said how to install the receiver it.Most of the connections between the receiver and the shell are welded. Takeover and external interface generally have: threaded short pipe type, flange short pipe type, flat flange type.

After opening the hole, resulting in discontinuity of the shell structure, thus causing stress concentration, so that the local stress at the edge of the open hole increases several times. In order to effectively reduce the local stress at the edge of the open hole, it is necessary to reinforce the open hole part of the shell. The methods of open hole reinforcement are: area reinforcement and overall reinforcement. Area reinforcement is our standard, widely used in the calculation of open hole reinforcement, based on the shell before and after the opening of the local “cross-section” of the tensile bearing capacity – tensile strength unchanged, when the reinforcement material and the open hole shell material is the same, the required area of reinforcement is the shell due to the opening of the hole. When the reinforcing material is the same as the material of the open shell, the required reinforcing area is the original area of the shell lost due to the opening. Because the stress value generated by the open hole with the increasing distance from the edge of the hole and attenuation, therefore, the reinforcing material should be set in the open hole near the high stress area, in the range of effective reinforcement. Therefore, it is particularly important to correctly select the required reinforcement area and reinforcement range parameters in the reinforcement calculation.

All three reasons will make the gravitational force at the location of the open hole or open hole receiver larger than the membrane stress in the shell, collectively known as: stress concentration at the location of the open hole and receiver.ID ≥ 1000mm, at least one manhole; ID <1000mm, and ≥ 500mm, a manhole or two handholes should be opened. Inner diameter <500, or ≥300mm, at least two hand holes.

I hope that the above content can help you understand the stainless steel tanks have a certain degree of help. In addition, if you are still interested in glass-lined equipment or stainless steel reactor, welcome to view the previous issue.

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