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Quality requirements for glass lining reactor production

Glass lining reactor has the double advantages of glass stability and metal strength,and is widely used in various industries. Because the glass lining reactor is used in a wide range,so there are many requirements in the the production.Zibo Tanglian chemical equipment Co. Lid take a sample introduction to everyone.

1、Insulation property

The glass layer is tested with 20KV high voltage and it not electric conductive until it is qualified.

2、Heat resistance

Glass lining reactor inner surface temperature difference change performance,thermal shock is 120℃,cold shock is 110℃。

3、Impact resistance

The mechanical impact resistance is 220*10(-3)J.

4、Layer thickness standard

Glass lining thickness is 0.18~2mm.

5、Surface requirement

Glass lining surface smooth and shiny,no spots or scratches.

These are quality requirements for glass lining reactor,everyone can refer to the purchase and use.

Check the quality of glass lining reactor

Glass lining reactor is a kind of equipment commonly used in industrial production,must check the quality of glass lining reactor whether up to the requirement before use.Zibo Tanglian chemical equipment Co.Ltd shares with you how to check the quality of glass lining reactor.

1、At a distance of 250mm from the surface of glass lining reactor,   the surface of glass lining layer shall be visually inspected with a 36V、60W hand lamp,there shall be without any of following defects:

(1) Cracks,fish scale explosion,local peeling

(2) Dark bubble, fine tumour

(3) Obvious scratch

(4) Local deformation that hinders the use of equipment by burning   racket

(5) Hair lines that affect the normal use of the equipment

2、The particles on the glass layer of each square meter shall not exceed 3,and the area shall be less than 4mm.

3、The surface of glass layer is allowed to have color difference, but the performance of color difference parts should not affect the   normal use of equipment.

4、 The thickness of glass layer is 0.8-2mm, the thickness of glass layer in the machined mechanical seal section of glass lining agitator   can be allowed 0.6mm.The thickness of glass layer should be   uniform and the thickness area should transition smoothly.

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