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Glass-lined reactor stirrer should pay attention to the problem

Stirrer is an important part of glass-lined equipment. A good stirrer can not only greatly improve the mixing efficiency, shorten the reaction time, improve the yield of finished products, improve product quality, etc., but also can extend the service life of the mechanical seal. The following is an introduction to the main defects of domestic glass-lined stirrer for reference:

(1) Mechanical seal section is not finishing (fine grinding): after finishing the upper end of the mechanical seal section radial runout ≤ 0.5mm, while there is no finishing of the upper section of the agitator radial runout can be up to 2-3mm, which will lead to poor reliability of the mechanical seal, shorten the service life.

(2) Anchor type, frame type agitator anchor wing width, height, anchor wing shape does not meet the standard. Anchor wing symmetry is poor, resulting in poor dynamic balance, stirring high-speed rotation of the lower end of the swing, the mechanical seal can not be sealed, and the use of short service life. The width and height are not enough, and the mixing efficiency is low.

(3) The deviation of the upper wing angle of the impeller type mixing is large, and the standard should be 15°. When the upper fin angle is 15°, the mixing efficiency is the highest.

(4) glass-lined stirrer impeller will be deformed at high temperature firing, poor control, large deviation, low mixing efficiency.

(5) The lower end of the stirrer deflection is large. Stirrer in the process of enamel firing will be affected by temperature differences and other factors, causing the stirring shaft bending, to be straightened by high temperature to meet the standard requirements. But many manufacturers in order to reduce costs, reduce the process. This produces the stirrer due to the bending and the lower end of the large deflection, poor dynamic balance.


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