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Glass lined reactor should pay attention to the normal use of the problem

① Glass lined reactor to prevent hard metal objects from falling into the equipment, to prevent vibration of the equipment during operation, overhaul according to the relevant maintenance and repair procedures.
② glass-lined reactor try to avoid the cold tank heating material and hot tank with cold material, to prevent sudden changes in temperature. Glass-lined to adapt to the temperature change should be less than 120 ℃.
③ Avoid alternating between acid and alkali liquid media, otherwise, the glass lining surface will lose its lustre and corrode.
④ glass-lined reactor strictly prevent the jacket into the acid (if cleaning the jacket must be used when the acid, not with pH <2 acid), acid into the jacket will produce hydrogen effect, causing the glass-lined surface of a large area off. Generally, the jacket can be cleaned with sodium hypochlorite solution and finally with water.
⑤ When the bottom of discharging kettle is blocked, use non-metallic body to dredge gently, and prohibit shovelling with metal tools. For the reaction material bonded on the surface of the tank should be removed in time, and it is not suitable to use metal tools to prevent damage to the glass lining.

Glass lined reactor

The chemical industry a large number of glass enamel, due to the corrosiveness of the medium, the reaction conditions of hot and cold, transport, use, man-made and other issues, there will always be such and such a layer of enamel damage, resulting in unnecessary production stops, such as a large area off, it is recommended that can only be returned to the factory to re-enamel. An enamelled kettle worth tens of thousands of yuan, due to the partial burst of porcelain and scrap is a pity. The use of EE-121K, 2210, 2211F polymer composite materials on-site rapid repair, without dismantling the equipment, just open the manhole can be repaired, repair can be put into use after 24 hours.

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