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Installation steps of glass lined reactor

The glass lined reactor needs to be installed before it is used ,If the installation is not good,it will affect the future use of the effect.The following is the installation steps of glass lined reactor.

1、When handing the glass lined reactor to pay attention to the smooth handing, not to allow rolling、prizing,to prevent vibration and damage, and to strictly prohibit the wearing parts such as taking-over,card.sight glass and other vulnerable parts.

2、When hoisting,wire should be hung in the specified part,such as the hanging ear,stead and light, and cushioned with soft articles below.

3、Before installing the glass lined reactor,we should pay attention to check whether the equipment is in good condition,whether there is friction damage,etc.If so,it needs to be repaired.

4、When tightening the screw, it shall be gradually and instead of one-time tightening along the diagonal, and the force shall be uniform when the screw is screwed,so as to prevent the local stress from being too large and porcelain is damaged.

5、After the mixer and reducer of the glass lined reactor are assembled,the anti-loose piece such as the anti-loose nut shall be added.The manual test run is not abnormal,the operation is flexible, and the radial runout shall be within the design requirements.

6、The gasket plays an important role in the safety production、reducing the maintenance、saving energy、reducing the leakage pollution and increasing the personal safety, so the gasket can not be ignored ,the selection of gasket is very important.

7、It is important to pay attention to whether there is any problem in the test run of the glass lined reactor, and the problem can be repaired and maintained in the time.

In a word ,the glass lined reactor must be installed according correct steps before it is used, so as to ensure the normal use in the future and prolong its service life effectively.

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