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Enameled reactor equipment in normal use of the problems needing attention

Shandong Tanglian always adhere to the “quality-oriented”, with high-quality product quality and perfect after-sales service to win the trust of our customers and a high degree of praise, the products are sold at home and abroad. The following is an introduction to the normal use of enameled reactor equipment need to pay attention to the problem:

1, charging to prevent hard metal objects falling into the equipment, operation to prevent vibration of the equipment, overhaul according to the relevant maintenance and overhaul procedures.Enameled reactor equipment

2, try to avoid cold tank heating material and hot tank with cold material, to prevent sudden temperature changes. Glass-lined to adapt to the temperature change should be less than 120 ℃.

3, try to avoid alternating between acid and alkali liquid media, otherwise, the glass lining surface will lose luster and corrosion.Enameled reactor equipment

4, strictly prevent the jacket into the acid (if cleaning the jacket must be used when the acid, can not use pH <2 acid), acid into the jacket will produce hydrogen effect, causing the glass-lined surface of a large area off. General cleaning jacket available sodium hypochlorite solution, and finally cleaned with water.

5, the bottom of the discharge kettle clogging, available non-metallic body gently dredging, prohibit the use of metal tools shoveling. The reaction material on the surface of the adhesion in the tank should be removed in time, should not use metal tools to prevent damage to the glass enamel lining.

Need to know more about the content of enamel reactor, please continue to pay attention to us.

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