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Common Enameled reaction kettle mode and precautions

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The following is the content about the heating mode and precautions of glass-lined reactor:

Enameled reaction kettle heating mode one [water heating]: when the user production process is not high temperature requirements, we can be enameled reaction kettle using water heating mode for heating, water heating system is divided into open and closed two kinds. Open type is simple, it consists of circulating pump, water tank, pipeline and control valve regulator, when using high pressure water, the mechanical strength of the equipment requires high, enameled kettle welded on the outer surface of the snake tube, snake tube and kettle wall has a gap, so that the thermal resistance increases, the heat transfer effect is reduced.

 Enameled reaction kettle Enameled kettle heating mode two [steam heating]: when the production requirements of the heating temperature below 100 ℃, we can use the enameled kettle steam heating mode, this is the use of an atmospheric pressure below the steam to the kettle heating; when the temperature requirements in the range of 100 ~ 180 ℃, we have to use the saturated steam; when the temperature requirements of a higher temperature, we have to use high-pressure superheated When the temperature requirement is higher, we have to use high pressure superheated steam for heating.

Enameled reactor with glass-lined stirrer range: a variety of different types of glass-lined stirrer in the rotary process, in addition to the enameled reactor in the manufacture of chemical reactions required for the flow pattern, the movement of the liquid in the reactor can only be in a certain range of action. The size of the role of the range and enamel stirrer structure, speed, liquid viscosity, density. When the glass enamel stirrer structure shape has been selected, the speed has been selected under the conditions, mainly depends on the structure of the glass enamel stirrer itself and the viscosity and density of the liquid being stirred.

-Enameled reactor heating mode three [electric heating]: electric heating is through the resistance wire winding in the enameled reactor cylinder insulation or installed in the enameled reactor from the ad hoc insulator at a distance of several, so that the resistance wire and the enameled reactor body between the formation of the space between the gap is not large.

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Enameled reactor heating mode four [other media heating]: If our production process requires enameled reactor to operate at higher temperatures or to avoid the use of high-pressure heating system, other media can be used instead of water and steam, such as mineral oil (275 ~ 300 ℃), benzene ether mixture (boiling point/258 ℃), molten salts (140 ~ 540 ℃), liquid lead (melting point of 327 ℃) and so on.

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