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Check the precautions of stainless steel tanks

Stainless steel tanks will store a lot of liquid and other materials, in some chemical industries are used more frequently, the necessary inspection work is what we should do, do the inspection work before we need to do some of the corresponding preparatory work to be able to efficiently complete the inspection, and once the problem is found to be able to deal with it in a timely manner, we need to do some of the inspection work in which to do some of the preparatory work? This point needs to be understood.

1, check the relevant information before the inspection records, understand the stainless steel tank before the inspection of defects, problems and methods of treatment.

2, the residual gas inside the tank to replace the cleaning process, and analyze to meet safety standards.

3, the tank inside the material is clean, and separated from other equipment and marked clearly.

4, open all the manholes, remove the inner parts, remove the inner wall dirt.

5, cut off the power supply of stainless steel tanks, do internal inspection should be used when the voltage does not exceed 12v or 24v low-voltage explosion-proof lamps, and tanks must be supervised by a person outside the inspection instruments and tools, the voltage does not exceed 36v, and should be a good insulated cord and a reliable grounding line.

6, if involved in the fire operation, must be in accordance with the provisions of the fire approval procedures, and the tank area must be equipped with fire, safety and rescue facilities.

In order to reduce the damage to the tank, before use, please carefully check the stainless steel tank. There are many operations are quite important, directly related to the use of the effect of the problem.

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