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Characteristics of PTFE lined storage tanks

Characteristics of PTFE lined storage tanks
Although glass lined equipment holds a certain share in the market, tetrafluoroethylene equipment has also received attention due to its unique advantages. So what are the characteristics of tetrafluoroethylene storage tanks that everyone needs to understand? Let the editor take everyone to understand.
Firstly, it is about the main purpose of tetrafluoro storage tanks, which are used to store chemical substances extracted from acids, alcohols, gases, etc. In terms of cost-effectiveness of storage tanks, the cost performance of tetrafluoroethylene storage tanks is relatively superior. Tetrafluoroethylene storage tanks include multiple varieties such as vertical, horizontal, transportation, and mixing.
Secondly, let’s understand the characteristics of tetrafluoroethylene storage tanks. Tetrafluoroethylene storage tank is a container used for storing chemicals, which is lined with tetrafluoroethylene material and mainly has the following five characteristics:

five characteristics

  1. Strong corrosion resistance: Tetrafluoroethylene material has extremely strong corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of most chemicals. Therefore, lined tetrafluoroethylene storage tanks can store various acids, alkalis, salts, and other chemicals.
  2. Good high-temperature resistance: Tetrafluoroethylene material has a high melting point and thermal stability, which can maintain stability in high-temperature environments. Therefore, PTFE lined storage tanks can store high-temperature chemicals.
  3. Good sealing performance: The PTFE lined storage tank has good sealing performance, which can effectively prevent chemical leakage and ensure storage safety.
  4. Lightweight: Tetrafluoroethylene material has a lower density, making lined tetrafluoroethylene tanks lighter and easier to handle and install compared to tanks made of other materials.
  5. Low maintenance cost: PTFE lined storage tanks have a longer service life and lower maintenance costs, which can save maintenance costs for users.
    In short, PTFE lined storage tanks have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good sealing, lightweight, and low maintenance costs, making them an ideal chemical storage container. You can also use this as a reference when choosing equipment.

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