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ShangDong TANGLIAN Chemical Equipment CO., LTD. was founded in 1998. It is a well-known chemical equipment manufacturer in northern China. Our company has a special equipment production license from the People’s Republic of China (Certificate Number TS2237056-2024). Our products are selling all over the world (All the export products have been certified by SGS certification). 

Our company specializes in the production of glass-lined, carbon steel, stainless steel, PTFE spray, reactors, heat exchangers, agitators, storage tanks, tube condensers, high-pressure experimental kettles, GMP equipment. Our products are a complete set of chemical automation equipment and various non-standard equipment. The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, dyes, mining, and metallurgy. Our customers are including enterprises (Qilu Pharmaceutical, Wanda Group), scientific research institutes (Sinochem Research Institute, Qingdao Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences), and universities (Harbin Institute of Technology, Dalian Maritime University).

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Our Products range from laboratories to large-scale production factories, TANGLIAN provides you with professional solutions.

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Patented technology for production of glass-lined equipment

Our Clients

Tanglian is an enterprise with a history of delivering excellence to the industry by providing the best possible services.

Our Services

Tanglian is specialized in providing the necessary technical support and after sales services

Fast Delivery

TANGLIAN can support global delivery with a confirmed date. A fast delivery service is available for our customers.

Product Maintenance

TANGLIAN has the best after-sale service to support your maintenance all over the world.

Quick Response

Our quick response service ensures our customer with a good user experience when they are requiring support and help.

Premium Quality Products

Our equipment has been sold to more than 25 countries, such as America, Canada, India, Spain, South Korea, Egypt, Greece, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil, Colombia, Middle East, Thailand and Africa.


News & Events

Corrosion detection of PTFE lined storage tanks

PTFE lining equipment has important applications in many industries such as chemical engineering, electronics industry, electroplating, textile, etc. With its chemical properties and stability, it has become a anti-corrosion equipment that saves and compensates for the inability of non-ferrous metals...

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Hydraulic experiment of glass lined reactor

Hydraulic test refers to a pressure test conducted on pressure vessels such as glass lined reactor using liquid media. Generally speaking, the precautions for hydraulic tests are divided into seven points. Which seven points are they? Let’s take a look...

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How to maintain the enamel reactor during its standstill

Regular inspection and maintenance of enamel reactor containers for normal use will definitely not be forgotten. However, in the face of long-term or temporary shutdown of containers, maintenance should also be strengthened. Many examples have shown that some containers neglect...

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